Candle Usage & Safety

Unwrap the candle ensuring you have removed all packaging

For your first burn we recommend that you burn the candle for 2-3 hours (or until there is an even wax pool on the top of your candle). This avoids candle tunnelling – See our video here.

Before each light of the candle, trim the wick to 5-6mm to ensure optimum burn.

Never move the candle once you have lit it as this will move the melted wax also the container will be hot to touch.

Ensure you read the safety label on the bottom of the candle. This includes ingredients of the fragrance used for allergies etc.

Avoid using your candle in a draughty area. This can cause uneven burn and can cause fire when the flame comes into contact with flammable items.

Do not blow out the candle. Snuff it out and remove any debris from top of the the candle

Do not leave candle unattended and any time